Yellow papers / Participative Model in Organisations. Which one is best for us?

30 Mar

Participative Model in Organisations. Which one is best for us?

We recently talked about the importance of aligning the people in an organisation with the strategy, promoting the sharing of a project for the future and thus directing all efforts towards the same interest and direction.

There are several ways to achieve these objectives, one of which is through the creation of Participatory Models within the company.

The participation of workers in the company has a direct impact on the results of the company and can be carried out in different ways: participation in the capital, in the results or in the management of the company itself.
We tell you the case of JAMAI GROUP, a company located in Aduna that offers a comprehensive value-added service through the supply of industrial products to sectors such as railways, wind power and automotive. It has production plants in different countries such as Brazil and China and in order to be able to offer this global and high quality service to all its customers, it sees the need for coordination and alignment of its value chain and internal processes, executed by a professional and multidisciplinary team, which is key in this process. 

From this perspective, Jamai saw the need to develop a system to encourage the involvement of these people in the overall functioning of the company, and from ieTeam we designed a project in which we helped them to define and implement a New Participatory Model. 

To do this, taking into account the particularities and objectives of Jamai, we first analysed the optimum form of participation in the company, designing a model adapted to the needs and interests of the team. Once defined, we proceeded to implement it, incorporating both the management team and the workers themselves in the whole process.

It is critical in this process to incorporate the employees' perspective from the beginning: to analyse the degree of engagement of each person, their vital moment and professional expectations, and to always make clear the objectives and goals to be achieved with this project.

There is no one participatory model that is better than another. As we have already mentioned, the most important thing is to define the optimal model for each company, taking into account the objectives, the strategy of each company, as well as the interests of the people who make up the organisation. With all this, we will be able to design a Participatory Model that is totally adapted to each organisation. 




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