Yellow papers / ieTeam and xabet, sign a collaboration alliance to accelerate the Digital Transformation process of industrial companies.

26 Jan

ieTeam and xabet, sign a collaboration alliance to accelerate the Digital Transformation process of industrial companies.

Design and implement a Digital Transformation roadmap for the company, promoting Industry 4.0 in a gradual and integrated way in all areas, aligning the three main axes in this process: strategy, culture and technology.

The consulting firm ieTeam and xabet digital have signed an alliance to complement the services offered by both, integrating the definition of the company's strategy with digitisation. ieTeam gains a collaborative partner in the field of digital transformation and xabet technology acquires a collaborative partner in strategy and people development, all aspects that transformational projects often need.

Together we achieve a comprehensive proposal of greater value, where the biggest winners are the companies that receive this joint service that we have called "ieX Digital Transformation". This service encompasses both the diagnosis of the digital maturity of the company, as well as solutions tailored to their needs and starting situation, aligning strategy, team and technology and identifying and aligning the strategic challenges of the company with its digital strategy.

This service is mainly aimed at industrial companies that want to carry out a strategic reflection on digital transformation, designing a diagnosis and digitalisation roadmap, and ensuring a gradual and integrated implementation in all areas, always putting people and the company's strategic challenges at the centre and thus guaranteeing a return on investment in their profit and loss account. 

As Iñigo Ugarte, CEO of ieTeam, says, "the digital transformation that we have to undergo in companies is a "must" in order to remain competitive in today's increasingly technological markets, and it must be included in all strategic plans from now on if we want to be competitive, profitable and agile". 

On the other hand, Alberto Conde, CEO of xabet, says that "talking about digital transformation does not transform us, and it is time for action, for which we have designed a procedural and easy to implement methodology that allows companies to go down this path taking sensible and tangible steps, with impact on the business measured in euros".  

In the future, the idea that both promoters have is the creation of a seal whose objective will be to homologate companies in their digital maturity and accompany them on their Digital Transformation path, guaranteeing the correct steps and reducing uncertainty in the process.




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