Yellow papers / Strategic Plan 2017-2020 achieved. Let's go for the one of 2021-2023!

24 Sep

Strategic Plan 2017-2020 achieved. Let's go for the one of 2021-2023!

They say that time is that which runs slowly and passes quickly. And so, we have reached the end of our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. An intense stage in which we have developed new ideas and new projects and which has ended with a social and world situation that is revolutionizing our way of being and acting.

These three years we have worked hard on the strategic challenges we had set ourselves:
      • To achieve better economic results and improve our business margin.
      • To continue innovating and offering our services in an excellent way and developing new business units.
      • To be the best team and have a shared project. Here and in the world.

And now, we look back and see that those actions that we defined back in 2017 have already been fulfilled. With a new and radiant office with The Hub, which brings with it the new business area aimed at ieStart startups, thanks to which we already participate in 6 startups.

In addition, we have reached agreements with partners in 3 new countries, which we add to our list of 17, we have launched our own revolutionary app iellow and 7 new great consultants have joined our team.

And now we look to the future. Next year we will be 10 years old, and we are looking forward to it. With illusion and emotion. But also with the certainty that times of change, of revolution, are coming and that is why we have to give the best version of ourselves and we start this strategic reflection, with all the team and with all our stakeholders because now, more than ever, collaboration will be the key to make us different, and referents in our way towards new goals.


Are you ready to create the future?


Iñigo Ugarte



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