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17 Apr

Flight partners

Social networks, digital tools that have made us see beyond, leave the borders aside and observe how big, imposing and at the same time attractive the world and its people are...

We live in an increasingly globalized world, we show our lives and our daily life to people all over the world without thinking too much about it; we keep international friendships, exchange culture, values and experiences. And, why not take this, which we have so internalized, to the companies?

It is time to be global, not only large companies can internationalize, many startups are born being, at the base, international and many SMEs are involved in this process. In fact, a large number have already succeeded in large markets, but how, what is the key, the recipe or instruction book?

The truth is that there is no clear and direct answer to this. What our experience tells us is that knowing the country of destination, its peculiarities, having an open mind, not thinking that everything is done as it is here and in our own way, perseverance, making mistakes, falling and above all getting back up, are some of the ingredients that can help us to achieve success, but also, over time, we have seen that it is not worth going all this way alone.  Having people in the destination, who know the country, the culture, the ways of doing things and who ultimately know and understand our needs and support and encourage us in our activity, helps, and much, in the whole process.

At ieTeam, we have always been committed to this formula; to people, to reach markets accompanied by local partners and colleagues, with whom, just as in our personal lives, we share our daily lives, they make us participants in their world, their cultures and their values.

Today, after 8 years of long and complicated journey, we have 3 international offices of our own in Brazil, France and Colombia. As well as collaborations with partners (teams) in more than 13 countries. And we continue to travel to continue growing and finding new travel partners around the world.

Are you thinking of going international? Would you like to find your travel companions? Support us! We invite you to meet our teams at your destination. We would love to share with you what we have built up over these 8 years to help you on your way to becoming more direct and achieving your goals in a shorter time.

We are waiting for you!



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